What is a Medico?

A Medico is a special loan package that we've designed exclusively for doctors and medical specialists. This custom package allows borrowing of up to 100% of the commercial property's net worth with lower interest rates than a typical loan

"Once I realised the power of a commercial loan my practice has grown immensely"

How do I apply for a Medico?

These are a few key requirements to secure the best chance of breezing through your application process

AMA Registered

Registration with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) or equivalent association is compulsory, this ensures that all of the best rates we find can be considered with your application

Occupied Commercial Property

An owner occupied property or an investment commercial property with a strong tenant provides a necessary income stream to service your loan at the low rates we provide

For leased Properties

Properties must be located in or near a major metropolitan area.  Leased commercial property should have at least a 7% yield to greatly ease the process of growing your investment opportunities

What's your next step?

Once you have passed the qualifications above you should be good to go! Once you reach out to us we can then get to work assessing your current situation and arranging a total package solution crafted specifically for you.

Who We've Worked With

Over our 15 years of commercial loan brokering experience we have formed close connections within major lending institutions. These working relationships help us get premium deals not offered to an ordinary customer. It also allows us to select a lender that you already trust and are familiar with. Below are just a few of the lenders we've worked with in the past


We're open AUSTRALIAWIDE from 9am to 9pm AEST so give us a call and find out how our Medico loan packages can help you grow your commercial property investments or how we can leverage your existing onwer occupied holdings to grow your revune streams

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