If you are Medico looking to get into commercial property with no deposit then this is for you!

100% Medico Commercial Property Loans for AMA or equivalent registered medical professionals.

Note: this offer is not open to the General public. You must be a registered medico to qualify.

Here's how the simple numbers may look

7% Net Yield Tenanted Commercial property


3.99% 100%  medico finance


Income from Day 1


How much can I borrow?

Borrow up to 100% of the commercial property value for either

  • owner occupied commercial property or
  • a tenanted commercial investment property

1/ Who qualifies?

1/Doctors and Medical Specialists who are  AMA registered, or registered with an equivalent medical body.

Note: every deal gets assessed on their merits

GP doctors should have an ABN

Must be member of professional body, such as AMA.

Which doctors are eligible?

Below is a guide as to list of some preferred medical professionals:

Cardiothoracic SurgeonGeneral SurgeonPlastic Surgeon
Cosmetic SurgeonHeart DoctorPsychiatrist
Dental SpecialistHeart SurgeonReconstructive Surgeon
DoctorMaxillofacial SurgeonRespiratory Surgeon
Ear and Throat SurgeonNeurosurgeonRespiratory/Thoracic Surgeon
Emergency DoctorOral and Maxillofacial SurgeonSpecialist Physician
Emergency SurgeonOral SurgeonSurgeon
Gastro Intestinal SurgeonOrthopaedic SurgeonThoracic Surgeon
General Practitioner (GP)Paediatric SurgeonVascular Surgeon


2/ To be eligible for a 100% medico commercial loan, you must be a member of a medical association such as :

Must be AMA registered or belong to an equivalent association

3/ The commercial investment property must be leased out and have a strong tenant.

The property must be in or near a major metro area, with a strong tenant

Normally looking for a net yield of 7%

Note, these commercial properties are cash flow positive from day one.

To buy a commercial investment property you will need a team of professionals

  • Accountant or financial adviser (most medicos already have this)
  • Commercial Property Buyers agent who specialises in positive cash flow commercial property
  • Commercial Finance Broker such as Commercial Warehouse who specialises in helping arrange funding for high yield commercial property investors
  • Solicitor who specialises in commercial property purchases

If you need help buying a commercial property then we can put you in touch with any or all of this team

The opportunities are now, while commercial interest rates rates are so low.

Call us know to find out more to see if you qualify for a 100% Medico Commercial Investment Property loan.

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* The above is an example only. This is not advice and is information only. Of course servicing must assessed and every deal is on a case by case basis. You must contact a professional adviser before you make any investment decision.